Previous Papers

As the first stage, the Future of Work Commission started a survey of people's experiences with the changing nature of work.

The second stage was the release of our issues papers which covered:

Throughout the course of its inquiry the Future of Work Commission released background papers to explore particular issues and policies in more detail. The background papers released by the Commission were:

Following feedback from the survey and papers released the Future of Work Commission released its Ten Big Ideas report at the Future of Work Conference in Auckland. The report covered the 10 largest areas where feedback had showed a real solution could be found.

The papers were designed to stimulate discussion and generate ideas for policies to achieve the objectives of the Future of Work Commission for:

  • Decent Work
  • Lower Unemployment
  • Higher Wages
  • Greater Economic Security
  • High-Skilled, Resilient Workers

The Future of Work Commission sought to develop policies to ensure New Zealanders can confidently face the changing nature of work and have sustainable, fulfilling and well-paid employment in the coming decades.

These papers do not represent Labour policy but are intended to raise some of the ideas that need to be considered to tackle the changing future of work. The scale of change to come means we cannot shy away from looking at all possible options.