Remote Working

A survey out last week found 30% of workers in New Zealand now work full or part time remotely. 11% of these stated they were working full time at home which is double when it was last measured by the company in 2006.

It found further expansion might be on the cards as well with 39% of people saying their work could be done remotely and 68% of those who don’t currently work at home would like to. One of the major advantages it identifies from this is that it would enable the person to live in a different town or city if they wanted to.

Greater remote work can provide real advantages but it can all mean more difficulties in managing employees, loss of career and training opportunities as well as risk of social isolation.

One of the ways to tackle the issues that are created from remote working is to create digital work hubs also known as co-working. Several of these already exist in New Zealand including Biz Dojo, EPIC in Christ church, Waikato Innovation Park, and Dunedin Centre for Innovation. However they are far from widespread in New Zealand and could be expanded further.

How do we encourage flexible work practices that ensure employees are still protected and supported?

Read more about issues like this in our technology issues paper.

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