Small business vital to New Zealand’s job growth

The Labour Party will make working with small businesses a priority because they are the key to New Zealand’s future prosperity, Labour Leader Andrew Little said today.

“New Zealand is a pioneering nation and it is this spirit of innovation which drives our small businesses.

“These companies generated 41 per cent of the new jobs created in the past year. That is why they are vital to our goal of having the lowest rate of unemployment in the developed world.

“Labour will work with small business owners to make sure they spend their time focussed on their business, not filling in tax forms.

“We will ensure there is training and investment capital so those who want to make a living off their own ideas and ambitions can

“Good jobs provide economic security and sustain our communities and small towns. They are a source of pride and confidence.

“Labour will put growing businesses and creating jobs on top of the political agenda. Over the next two years we will develop a programme which puts the small business sector at the centre of a long-term economic plan.

“A thriving small business sector will help New Zealand grow our wealth and grow it fairly,” Andrew Little says.

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