Where is Education Headed?

The 2016 Future of Education Technology Conference is currently taking place in Orlando in the USA. The conference hosts a combination of educational leaders and technology experts to share strategies and techniques to improve education.

Alongside promoting STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) it also identifies several core areas of focus for 2016 in relation to technology in learning:

  • Communication and Collaboration;
  • Digital Teaching Tools and Game-Based Learning;
  • Educational Policy and Leadership;
  • Emerging Technologies and Maker Tools;
  • Instructional Design (how educators are using technology to improve the learning experience);
  • Mobile Learning;
  • Online and Blended Learning;
  • Professional Development; and
  • Technology Infrastructure.

The Future of Work Commission’s Education and Training issues paper released last year identified the core areas for focus for education broadly as:

  • Personalised learning;
  • A focus on skills;
  • Expanding opportunities and access;
  • Closer connections to the labour market;
  • Better advice for learners;
  • Lifelong learning; and
  • Industry training and apprenticeships.

What do you think the core areas are in education that we need to focus on for the near future? Are there major trends we need to focus on more?

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