Work-Life Balance with Constant Connectivity

Judy Wajcman has written an interesting piece in the Pacific Standard on working with constant connectivity in the future. She states:

“There was a time when work and home were distinct realms. The old industrial clock regulated our lives in discrete blocks of time and space, and we jealously guarded the separation between public and private life. No longer. The constant connectivity of mobile, digital technologies erases time zones and office walls. The traditional time/space of the week and weekend, and their characteristic social relations, are now porous as people increasingly work, play, consume, and interact anywhere, anytime.”

Wajcman argues that while there are fears that constant connectivity is eating into our social lives from work it also provides us with many ways to use our time more effectively and in some cases improve our ability to fit our social lives into our work.

What is your experience? Is technology eating into your personal time or is it helping you manage your life better?

How do we reduce the negative social impacts of technology?

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